What are the sizes of the containers?

Currently we offer 8', 9' & 10' containers. More details of our range here.

How much does each container weigh?

8' = 610kg | 9' = 670kg | 10' = 800kg Please refer to our specification sheets available to download here.

I am a yacht captain/engineer, why should choose a 10' instead of a 20' container?

1. Because you can allocate a container per department. 2. Because 10' containers are easier for logistics. 3. Because a 10' container can be filled to 100% unlike a 20' where you need access to the back.

I am a shipyard, why should I rent and not buy?

1. Because renting is more finacially efficient. 2. Because it gives you the flexibility on the number of available containers. 3. Because your clients might wish to take their container with them and ABOX will accept that unlike other container rental companies.

Why choose ABOX Storage?

Because we know the yachting industry and are prepared to serve its peculiar demands.

Can ABOX take care of the logistics?

ABOX is not a logistics company but will assist you to get the best logistics service possible.

Where can I store my container?

We will work with you to find a suitable place near your cruising area.

Do you offer bespoke containers?

Yes, we can supply special bespoke containers on demand.

What are your rental terms?

We will listen to your needs and taylor a bespoke plan for you.

Can I brand my container?

Yes you can brand them as you require.

How easy are they to move and transport?

Our containers can be moved with a single forklift truck and can be shipped in consolidated transport or with a lightweight truck, making logistics economical.

Is there a minimum number per order?

No, we can supply from 1 to as many as required.

As a supplier, can I rent a container to leave material in a strategic area?

Yes, many of our custumers are marine suppliers who save costs by leaving a container wherever they have ongoing projects with spares, tools and inventory.

Are the containers safe?

Yes, they are weatherproof just like a 20' or 40' shipping container.

Can these containers be stacked?

Yes, the containers can be put one on top of the other just like regular shipping containers.

Are these shipping containers?

No, however these containers are just as safe as shipping containers. They do not have a shipping certification as the minimum size required is 20'.

Do you offer other colors?

For rentals that meet the correct criteria, we can offer several different color options.

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