Shipyards & Marinas

Yards have traditionally used decommissioned 20’ shipping containers for storage.

These containers, unfortunately, give a commercial shipping impression which does not fit with the yachting industry, especially for visiting clients, as they are old, rusty, smelly and dirty.

New built or completely refitted shipyards have recently been set up in Italy, France & Spain at the highest standards, willing to fit in with the standards of recent superyachts, being modern, clean, and giving up the “Mad Max scenery” which is commonplace in the world of shipyards.

Our containers are “first trip”, therefore brand new, clean and odor—free, freshly painted in light beige, discreetly branded, fitting perfectly into the new shipyards environment and almost disappearing into sight.

Moving a large 2000kg+ container also requires special equipment and it is a drain on space and yard resources. ABOX Storage units are instead easily portable around a shipyard with one forklift truck.

Renting ABOX units allows a yard to offer storage units off their books and deduct the rental straight from their P/L. They also allow shipyards to make a profit without investing a centime.

Given the flexibility and size of the units, they fit into any light truck for delivery by road all over Europe using just a light truck driving permit to enter easily into any shipyard or harbour, where limitations to heavy trucks sometime apply.

Furtermore given the reduced size, they can easily fit under a superyacht bow allowing for extra space optimisation.

Last but not least, and perhaps most importantly, supplying containers to store spares and other parts allows a shipyard to maintain direct links to customers once refits or build projects are completed and the yacht has departed. Renting them from ABOX instead of buying them directly allows shipyards to give away the problem of chasing containers and clients, should the container follow yacht operations (Mediterranean Sea or Caribbean).

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