Our containers are small, agile and consolidatable. This makes access to almost anywhere very easy. 


Easy access to shipyards & marinas using a light truck driving permit (limitations may apply).


Containers easily assigned to several departments avoiding sharing, damage & excuse issues.

Car Park Space

All containers in our range easily fit into a standard European car parking space.


All containers in our range are weatherproof just like a 20' or 40' container.


Unlike conventional units where you need space/aisle/pack things at the front. Our range allow efficient easy access throughout the container.

Space Saving

All containers in our range easily fit under the bow of a yacht whilst on hard stand/in a dry dock.


New, clean & presentable in line with the high standards of the yachting industry.


Structurally tough enough to stack and be used as scaffolding just like a 20' or 40' container.

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