Superyachts & Yachts

As a yacht schedule is subject to change, the mobility of ABOX units allows yachts to keep their workshop and spares close to their area of operation.
For example a yacht operates out of San Remo in the summer, does refit works in France and winters in Palma and this scenario can vary from year—to—year.
Having a light and portable container ready to follow yacht operations, much like a racing sailing yacht, planning is a great saver of time and resources.
ABOX units fit into a car parking space: it can be placed in front of the yacht when season ends and the yacht needs to be put into winter mode.

As the units are smaller, and even more important, new (first trip) and clean, captains and managers like the fact that each department can keep their own container so no more conflict between engineering, exterior & interior; in case of a yacht charter, they can welcome owner and/or guests equipment depending on who is on board without any risk of contamination (smell and/or dirt).

Moreover, having a light and small container allows you to separate not often used equipment (spare parts and crew belongings whilst cruising) from frequently used, typically owner/charter equipment.

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